The collective
Augustine Collective is 5 female artists from different cultures, creating and developing their movement and performative skills together since 2013. Meeting once a year to practice, update and develop their artistic work with a lot of digestion time in between.

MY PIECE creation and evolution process
Coming back to Aarhus to premiere MY PIECE, after 2 years of granule creation. This ongoing, participatory project developed during several creation phases in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Israel. Each encounter is a unique and special experience, leading us to the next event- pouring our interests from one show to the other.

MY PIECE Aarhus Premiere – October 22nd 2019

This piece is about authorship and ownership in art making and life.
This work puts light on the fact that everyone being present at the theatre, is part of the performative event. Everyone present in the theatre space, agrees on the fact that we are all parts and pieces of the total event.

We pass through many different states of being between observing an art piece and becoming part of it.

The audience is not asked to invent the piece but to be aware of the way they read it, and how their understanding of the piece influences the outcomes.

The participants then have the right to use, copy and further develop ideas from MY PIECE

Movement Workshops with ‘Augustine Collective’ 

Prior to the premier of ‘MY PIECE’ the members of Augustine Collective offer Three workshops of somatic exploration, dance improvisation and performative practices. 

Address:   Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3A, 8000 Aarhus C


Body-Mind Centering® – ‘Inner Ear Treasures’ 
With Ayelet Yekutiel 
16.10.2019   15:00-18:00
Fee: 180dkk 
Earlybird fee*: 150dkk 

An exploration of the magical inner ear, where both tone and tonus, sound and equilibrium, are sensed. Diving into a dynamic architecture that includes the fluid-vibrating shell shaped cochlea, the utricle with its gravity indicating crystals, and the labyrinth of the vestibular system with its semicircular canals- corresponding to the three planes of motion. We will engage in hands on, somatization, sound and movement improvisation.

My Piece Practises Workshop 
With Birgitte Lundtoft
17.10.2019   10:00-12:00 
Fee: 120dkk 
Early bird fee*: 100dkk 

A rich, complex yet so simple dance. We tune towards the dances of the day to happen in space and between us. ‘Passing Dances’ is playing with constantly passing a solo between us. Taking place in an ensemble network and is a central practice in the distributed, de-centralized performance of My Piece.

Movement Conversations Workshop 
With Or Avishay 
21.10.2019   10:00-12:00
Fee: 120 dkk
Early bird fee*: 100dkk 

Just one day before the MY PIECE premiere,  experiencing the practices leading Augustine Collective on stage. Moving and witnessing- witnessing the movement and moving the way we look. 
In our MY PIECE Practice, ‘Augustine’ can also be called ‘the performance’, she exist with at least one moving body and one witnessing body. We become her body, her eyes, her imagination and her inspiration. We tell her stories and write her poetry.
In our MY PIECE, ‘WE’ is who ever joins the game. 
The whole experience is “copyrights free”- everyone entering the MY PIECE space, can copy, edit, take pictures, and use the ideas of OUR show.

*Early bird for all workshops until- 9th October.