Personal Biographies

Marie Helen Andersson born in PiteA? (SE) in 1989 Marie Helen Andersson graduated with a Major in Dance from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen (DK). Drawing influences from teachers like Jeremy Nelson, Kirsty Simson and Frey Faust, her movement vocabulary is based on release techniques, and inspired by martial arts as well as somatic practices. Working with movement and choreography in alternative spaces, her interest lies in the act of creation; creating situations for dance to emerge. Marie has been engaged in creative collaborations with a number of international groups, working on all levels of production from concept formulating and project management to creative processes, meetings with audiences and live performing. Among her works are ai???Tillbaka Till Framai??i??- an interactive piece for a young audience performed in gym halls, ai???Small Space Dance Concertai??i??- a set of small dances performed in small spaces- latest performed on a raft as part of ‘ `Copenhagen STAGE festivalai??i?? and ai???Project HOSTai??i??- a creation tour through three Nordic countries investigating the local guest-host cultures, with ai???Augustine Collectiveai??i??.
Since summer 2016 Marie is engaged in the Swedish group performing the work `Walk, Hands, Eyes- A CityA? by French artist Myriam Lefkowitz.

Or Avishay born in Haifa (IL) 1985, Or Avishay graduated with a BA degree, from the dance department (MTD) at the Theaterschool of Amsterdam (NL). there she collaborated with artists from the New Dance Development Department (SNDO) as well as co-created Headphone Concert Performance with Ingrid Berger-Myhre. She is working with Boris Charmatz at the MuseAi?? de la danse (FR) since 2010 when sheAi??joined the creation process of his piece ai???LevAi??e desAi??con flitsai??i??.
She has danced in the Noa Dar Dance Group and has taken part in movement research projects led by Donald Byrd, Kenzo Kusuda,Ai??Stephanie Luhn, Teilo Troncy, Marzena Krzeminska, and Emma Wilson.
Or created ai???Worldai??i??s end andai??i?? a dance piece supported by Dance Arena festival in Jerusalem (IL). This piece was developed into her solo ai??i?? ai???Holding on Letting goai??i?? which premiered at the Tel Aviv museum of Modern Art as part of ai???Divers festivalai??i?? (IL). She collaborated with Amir Meyer on ai???NomudLandai??i??- a multi-disciplinary creation combining plastic arts, video and live performance, presented at ai???Settling into Transience- art exhibitionai??i??, Beai??i??er Sheva (IL). Or is a member of ai???Augustine collectiveai??i?? (IL, CH, SE, DK) and is currently working with Boris Charmats (FR), performing ai???Levee des conflitsai??i??, ai???Enfantai??i?? and ai???Mangerai??i??, as well as participating in his new creation- ‘10,000 gestures’. She is collaborating and performing works by Sigal Bergman,Ai??Tami Leibovitz,Ai??Talia De Vries and Ensamble Nova, DeeDee Lagziel andAi??Sharona Floreshime (IL).

Birgitte Lundtoft born in Aalborg (DK) in 1983. Birgitte is a Danish dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Copenhagen. She has studied contemporary dance at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (2006-07), The Danish National School of Performing Arts (2007-11) and Batsheva Ensemble (internship 2010-11).
She has been touring with her own pieces and collaboration projects, and worked as a performer in works of other choreographers. She has taught both students and professionals nationally and internationally.
buy avandamet uk. She is an initiator and member of the international dance group Augustine Collective working since 2013 (SE, CH, IL, DK), exchanging practise & dealing with co-creativity & co-authoring. She is a part of the performance choir ai???Syvende & Sidstai??i?? performing voice pieces. She explore dance in alternative landscapes and has presented works in land-art festivals.Ai??She regularly collaborates with artists from different fields of expressions such as music, video art, theater and dance.Ai??For more info – see

Clea Onori born in Basel/CH works as a choreographer, dancer and teacher. She is a certified Gaga teacher and participated in the `Gaga Teachers Program` in Tel Aviv (IL)Ai??2011/2012. She studied Contemporary Dance in the `University of Arts` in ZA?rich (CH) and Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Performance in `Bewegungs-Art` (TIP) in Freiburg (D). As a child she took courses inAi??Capoeira, Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Modern Dance, African dance and theater. She worked as an actor in `Junges Theater Basel` and danced for Yves Thuwis , Vanessa Lopez and Lucy Tuma. She co-founded the dancer-collectives `Bufo Makmal` based in Basel (CH) and the international group `Augustine Collective`. With `Bufo Makmal` she produced the pieces `ALL.ES`, `Into Pieces` and `VIEL.ES` a trilogy about the topic unity and diversity. With `Augustine Collective` she did project `HOST`; a creation tour through three Nordic countries investigating the local guest-host cultures and the dance movie `HOST-FILM` directed by Carl Olsson. She regularly collaborates with various artists from different fields such as music, video art, theater and dance and coAi??created, among others the short pieces `Protect yourself`/`Toe the line`/`Hello Love`.

Ayelet Yekutiel born in Jerusalem (IL) in 1986, Ayelet Yekutiel graduated from The Experimental High School (IL) in Theatre and Visual Art Departments, before pursuing studies at SEAD- Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AT), Ai??Sampoorna Yoga Teachers Training (IN), P.O.R.C.H- Ponderosa (DE), and ai???Kelimai??i?? Choreography Studies (IL). She currently studies in the ai???Somatic Movement Educationai??i?? program of BMC – Body Mind Centring, and is taking part in the ai???Axis Syllabusai??i?? teachers certification process.
Ayelet has worked as a creative dancer for Kolben Dance Company (IL), Dafi Altabeb (IL), Daphna Horencyzk (IL), Ai??and Tunet Egyuttes – The Symptoms Theatre and Dance Company (HU). She collaborated on ai???2nd Home Indiaai??i??, a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural collaborative project of Women Artists (IN), Ai??and ai???The Third Generationai??i??, a German-Israeli-Palestinian dance project led by Lina Hoehne (AT), as well as a founding member of ai???Augustine Collectiveai??i?? (IL, CH, SE, DK). She is currently working for choreographers Marco Torrice (IT) and Asher Lev (IL), and co-creating the piece ai???Homo- Sapiensai??i?? with the Palestinian artist Khaled Barghouthi. The piece is supported by Les ballet C de la B, and mentored by Alain Platel (BE) . Since 2010 she has been creating her own work as a freelance choreographer. Her pieces have been presented in Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, and Salzburg.

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