‘Augustine’- is not me or my alter ego

Research Residency and Workshop at Sign6 in Brussels

The focus of this meeting was to define Augustine and research how we can develop her identity and creativity. We found a method that we called “liquid hierarchy” which meant to work with rotating roles. Like that we shared individual knowledge of dance, movement and voice, as well as personal stories and questions. Playing with the concept of embodying Augustine, we lent our singular bodies to channel and express the creativity and history of the whole group.

As Augustine has to have an overview of all the aspects of our work, we specified the practice of changing roles and transformed more and more easily from beeing a choreographer to beeing an observer, becoming the camerawoman, the host of the space and so on. Transitioning fluidly from one role to the other these roles became more and more defined.
We asked ourselves: Am I hosting Augustine in my body or am I the guest in her creation?

Augustine Collective is a group of artists who dance, create dance and perform dance. Augustines art has no singular author. We research weather individuals in a group can share one (fictional) identity during a creative process.

During this period we opened up our morning practice as a workshop, to share with and get inspired by other movement practitioners. Workshop Flyer