ONE- just spinning on here

P.A.R.T.S Summer Studios

How to create a solo in a group setting?

With “ONE” we will collect a common vocabulary of physical movement and text, deriving from different techniques and approaches such as; Klein, Axis Syllabus, Gaga, Partnering Improvisation, Nomadic Body, Qi-Gong as well as on screen acting practices. A common pot of vocabulary with different languages, departures for movement, intentions, fantasies, dynamics and qualities. Eventually available and embodied by all.

We began to relate to our shared dance, the solo, as a performative entity. An evolving character, a woman grounded in multiple cultures, geographical places, social, political and personal situations- Augustine.

“I have no ownership of my knowledge, dance, personal stories or past. My creativity is not my own but very personal. I am a young woman, a natural performer and a communicative improviser; I have an endless variety of transformations. I am free from my past as I am not limited to singularity. Without a physical body I am freed from the constraint of belongings. I travel light and migrate freely.”
Augustine, September, 2013