Project HOST – From body to body


Project HOST – From body to body
Creation tour through three Nordic countries (summer 2016)

It takes creativity to live in the rural areas of the Nordic countries. Creating a life here was celebrated through Project HOST!

Inviting and hosting, the act of welcoming, the role of visiting.
Project Host was a 6 week long residency tour through Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The focus was to investigate the culture of inviting and the interaction between being guests and hosts in the same time. We translated the hosting traditions, rituals and patterns we met during the tour, into live choreography.
In each residency space where we arrived to work, we met the local inhabitants, invited them in to our working process as well as other activities and performative events.

Through Project HOST we installed dance and discussion about dance in the site specific rural areas, developed new audience relations and found new pathways for our dance as well as for the small communities.

At the end of the tour we invited Carl Olsson to create a short video dance, inspired from the total experience. You can find the result of this collaboration here: HOST – FILM

After the success of Project HOST 2016, we now wish for a next HOST projects to be realized. The heart of HOST is to stay in a simple and close relation to the surroundings and create a real exchange and encounter between the local inhabitants and Augustines dance.

For more information; see BLOG:PROJECT HOST

Project HOST was financially supported by Nordic Culture Fund and Region Nordjylland.

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